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Learn English Through Football: July 2020 FA Cup Semi Final and Real Madrid

Learn English Through Football: July 2020 FA Cup Semi Final and Real Madrid. This week’s football-language podcast reviews the FA Cup semi-finals and also looks at some football language that emerged from the week, including the phrase ‘flighted pass’. We also have a football-language quiz question and try and predict some of the upcoming games.
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Learn English Through Football: July 2020 FA Cup Semi Final and Real Madrid
DF: You are listening to languagecaster.com. Hello everyone, we hope you are all safe and well and welcome to the podcast for fans of football, especially those wishing to improve their English language skills. We’ve been explaining the vocabulary, phrases and cliches of football since 2006, and we also just enjoy talking about the beautiful game. My name’s Damian and I’m based in London and down the line half a world away in Tokyo is Damon. How are things, Damon, and what football have you been watching?
DB: Hi Damian. All good here in Tokyo, despite the slow rise in COVID-19 numbers. Well, I watched my team, Liverpool, lose a game, for only the third time this season in the league, and that was in the game against Arsenal that we talked about in our predictions last week. I predicted a lackluster performance and a draw and got both elements of that prediction wrong. The performance was quite good, I think Liverpool peppered the goal with 24 shots and about 75% possession, but they threw the game away with two defensive howlers. I sense more anti-climax to come for the Champions.
Along with that I’ve seen a lot of highlights, including Norwich versus Burnley, more on that in our football news review section, and the whole first FA Cup semi final between Arsenal and Manchester City. How about you?
DF: Well, I saw that Liverpool-Arsenal game and the two FA Cup semi-finals this weekend – a good week for Arsenal after their North London derby defeat last weekend. I also saw Spurs win away at Newcastle and then defeat Leicester at home, while I also caught the relegation six pointer between West Ham and Watford.
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