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Day Two Cloud 058: Using Curiosity And Mistakes To Advance Your Career

Today’s Day Two Cloud gets into career advancement with guest Sam Erskine. Sam has developed a five-step process to help you get where you want to go in IT. Curiosity is key, and the mistakes you make can actually lead to new knowledge and opportunities.
Sam is head of cloud engagements for a large consulting firm. Sam developed this process for a presentation to distill his years of experience. You can follow Sam on Twitter at @samerskine.
We discuss:

* Sam’s five-step process for career advancement
* Understanding the why and not just the how
* Balancing technical chops with business knowledge and essential communication skills
* Building career capital
* Staying open to new ideas
* The role of mentorship
* More

Key Takeaways

* Skill comes with practice and dedication
* Start with something easy that solves a particular problem
* Mind your own business

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Show Links:
Sam Erskine on Twitter: @samerskine – Sam’s blog
Sam Erskine on LinkedIn


 2020-07-22  57m