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The world of work is changing. Our attitudes to work are changing. The 21st Century Work Life podcast looks at different ways of earning a living, of using technology at work and of managing teams. If you're working in a conventional office, if you're part of a virtual team or if you just want to find out how our attitudes to work keep evolving, join Pilar Orti and guests every week. And if you're working in a virtual team or are a remote worker, pop in every other week for virtual coffee with Lisette Sutherland - she's got great advice for you! Pilar Orti blogs at Virtual, not Distant.



episode 244: Big questions without answers: education and perception

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In today’s episode we bringing you two interesting guests dig in to some of the big questions about remote work and the future of work. 

03:51 Robert Kropp: How education needs to evolve for the future of work

Robert joined us in Episode 230, when he and Rowena Hennigan introduced us to Remote Work Tree, and we’ve enjoyed his articles before in our What’s Going On segments (you can enjoy them all on his blog at Allwork.) 

20:50 John O’Duinn: Physical proximity and employment status

John joined us last month on Episode 240 to talk about how Vermont is incentivising remote workers. 

He also wrote this really interesting article, Physical Proximity vs Employment Status.

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 2020-07-23  35m