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episode 569: Lettuce Cats - Twitter hack fallout, Tesla's Austin Gigafactory, Softbank sells ARM to Nvidia?

  • Twitter hack fallout: some verified Twitter accounts are still down
  • Zuckerberg pinkie swears that he doesn't have a deal with Trump
  • Softbank wants to sell ARM - will Nvidia buy it?
  • Tesla's next gigafactory will be built in Austin
  • Twitter bans thousands of Q-Anon accounts
  • Google's camera wizard goes to Adobe
  • How Linotype worked
  • Canon EOS R5 review
  • FTC Facebook Antitrust Giphy drama
  • Eric Schmitt wants to start a university for artificial intelligence coders
  • Cisco's Indian caste system discrimination suit
  • EU voice assistant antitrust suit
  • Electric clocks in Europe are falling behind - time to mine bitcoin
  • Google Changelog: authenticated logos | Shoploop | Google Maps Bikeshare | Life in a Day
  • Smoked Queso recipe from Meat Church
  • Tik Tok might move to America

  • Picks of the Week
  • Stacey's Thing: Camera mount for a telescope
  • Jeff's Numbers: Amazon is the #1 US Advertiser: $7b spent
  • Ant's Pick 1: Lexicon Valley Podcast
  • Ant's Pick 2: Trumpatine - Trump tweets read by Emperor Palpatine
  • Karsten's mask 1: Fiber Optic Light-Up Mask
  • Karsten's mask 2: 10 popular masks everyone is buying on Amazon
  • Karsten's mask 3: These "movie monsters" face masks are the coolest way to stay safe and support a good cause

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Stacey Higginbotham

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 2020-07-23  2h30m