Counting Countries

With a membership of only around 100, it’s one of the most exclusive clubs on Earth. In fact, more people have been to outer space than have earned their way into this, the ultimate travel club. According to the United Nations there are 193 sovereign nations in the world. Welcome to the only podcast to bring you the stories from the dedicated few who’ve spent their lives on the singular quest of traveling to them all. Welcome, to Counting Countries. With your host, Ric Gazarian.


episode 18: Sal Lavallo - 151 countries ...  and only 26!

Download Episode! Sal has travel in his blood.  He was born to an Italian father and German mother who began a quest to visit every state in the US when he was a kid.  And Sal attended a boarding school with fellow students from 80 different countries. Sal is only 26 but has already traveled to 151 countries and has 193 in his sites.  If he continues traveling at this fast pace, he might be the youngest American to travel to every country.  He attended a true global high school where visiting a friend entailed a long distance flight to distant country. Attending university included two semesters abroad in Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv.  Sal then settled in Abu Dhabi after graduation to begin his work career which took him to many countries, including hard to enter, Saudi Arabia.  He has strong ties to Tanzania where he visits often.  Sal founded a NGO, Trail of Seeds, which brought him to Tanzania.  Sal is joining me on Skype from Cambodia and I am in Bangkok.  Please listen in and enjoy.   Subscribe on iTunes today! More about Sal Lavallo:

  • Born in: Indiana, USA
  • Passports from: USA
  • Favorite travel book: So many! Shadow of the Sun, Chasing the Devil, Leo Africanus.  
  • Favorite travel site: Wikitravel
  • Must carry: Kindle and camera.
  • Favorite food: Any fruits and vegetables!
  • Favorite drink: Coconut water.
  • Favorite Airline: Etihad Airlines
  • Favorite Hotel: Any Starwood Hotel (Westin, Sheraton, W, etc.).
  • Instagram: 193 Journeys
  • Map: Sal’s Map
Subscribe on iTunes today!! About Counting Countries Counting Countries is the only podcast to bring you the stories from the dedicated few who’ve spent their lives on the singular quest of traveling to every country in the world. Less people have traveled to every country in the world than have been to outer space. Theme music for this podcast is Demeter’s Dance, written, performed, and provided by Mundi. About GlobalGaz Ric Gazarian is the host of Counting Countries. He is the author of three books: Hit The Road: India, 7000 KM To Go, and Photos From Chernobyl.  He is the producer of two travel documentaries: Hit The Road: India and Hit The Road: Cambodia.   Ric is also on his own quest to visit every country in the world. You can see where he has traveled so far and keep up with his journey at How Many Countries Are There? Well… that depends on who you ask!
  • The United Nations states that there are 193 member states.
  • The British Foreign and Commonwealth office states that there are 225 countries and territories.
  • The Century Club states that there are 325 sovereign nations, territories, enclaves, and islands.
  • The Most Traveled Person states that there are 875 unique parts of the world.
  • The Best Traveled states that there are 1281 unique places in the world.
  • Me? My goal is the 193 countries that are recognized by the UN, but I am sure I will visit some other places along the way.
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 2016-11-01  1h6m