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Heavy Networking 531: Hyperscale Multi-Cloud Networking With Arrcus (Sponsored)

Today’s Heavy Networking podcast examines a new multi-cloud networking product from sponsor Arrcus. More and more organizations want to extend their data center networks into one or more public clouds, but cloud networking can be complex, disjointed, and proprietary.
Arrcus streamlines and secures multi-cloud networks via its new ArcEdge and ArcOrchestrator products. ArcEdge software connects data center and edge locations to the public cloud and protects all traffic using AES-256 encryption. The ArcOrchestrator software handles deployment and management of the ArcEdge components.
Joining us to provide more details about the solution are Keyur Patel, CTO of Arrcus; and Sree Kannan, VP of Product Management.
We discuss:

* The challenges of multi-cloud networking
* How ArcEdge and ArcOrchestrator work
* The benefits of Arrcus’s microservices architecture
* Integration with Terraform and Ansible for NetOps
* Encryption and key management
* Design options including full and partial mesh and hub-and-spoke
* More

Show Links:
Arrcus Multi-Cloud Networking
Arrcus on Twitter: @arrcusinc
Sree Kannan on Twitter: @sreekannan7
Blogs by Keyer Patel – Arrcus
Blogs by Sree Kannan – Arrcus


 2020-07-24  52m