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Ep.104 – Flying the Super Etendard on exchange with the FAA

Our guest for this episode is Lt Cdr Ian Sloan who has accumulated vast experience, including day and night, VSTOL embarked operations in the Sea Harrier and operational missions in Afghanistan in the Harrier GR9. As an instructor, he has delivered Advanced Flying Training to RAF, RN and Indian AF students in the Hawk, and has provided aviation assurance as the Hawk ‘Trapper’ on Naval Flying Standards Flight (Fixed Wing). He is also one of few people to have flown both Sea Harrier and Super Etendard.

Ian Sloan displaying the Sea Hawk at Southport – Karl Drage Global Aviation Resource

During his time on ‘Fixed Wing Standards’ he began flying the Sea Hawk for the Royal Navy Historic Flight and was subsequently selected to command RNHF. Over a two year spell he flew Sea Hawk and Swordfish at various memorable events around the UK and instructed on the faithful Chipmunk.

Selected for exchange duties with the French Navy flying the Super Etendard Modernisé at Landivisiau, in north west France, he became the first British pilot to achieve a Carrier Qualification in the Super Etendard aboard the French aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle and one of few people to have flown both Sea Harrier and Super Etendard. He deployed twice on board the Charles De Gaulle to the Arabian Gulf, as an Air Wing Operations Officer and Liaison Officer in support of Operation Inherent Resolve.

Sloany in the Super E

He was then appointed to Navy Command Headquarters as the F–35B Lightning II ‘Capability Manager’, putting his recent embarked experience to good use in the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier Capability Delivery Team. Responsible for making sure the carriers were equipped and capable of operating F-35B and developing procedures for the aircraft and ship alike as the carrier programme moves towards Initial Operating Capability (Carrier Strike).

Sloany on the deck of the carrier in a Sea Harrier

Ian left the Royal Navy in August 2017 and moved to New Zealand and is currently a First Officer in the Air New Zealand Regional Airline flying the Dash 8 (Q300). He continues to instruct, as a Human Factors Instructor with the airline Crew Resource Management team.

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Ian Sloan

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