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Shizzla pres. Tales From The Soul Abyss Vol.87 (19-07-2020)

Hey everyone. Hope all is well you in these most difficult of times ? So for this episode , I went for the deepness. Over 3hrs of deep/afro/soulful vibes to warm your heart. Lush sultry vocals throughout, especially in the lil " raunchy section " which you will know once you get to it. I know over 3 hours is a lot to take in when listening, but it seemed to fly over in playtime. So kick back, press the play button and enjoy the quality of vocals within which was all put together with the following tracklist 1.Deeplomatik, Adam Joseph - Break Free (Original Mix) 2.Monodeluxe, Jaidene Veda - Change (Deep Xcape Soul Remix) 3.Sean Ali, Mr.Eclectic, MissFly - Wanna Love You (Original Mix) 4.Lady Alma - Make You Move (Shannon Chambers 1Sound Remix) 5.Da Lata, Syren Rivers - Memory Man (Frankie Feliciano Ricanstruction Vocal Mix) 6.Augmented Soul, Michael Speaks - Found The One (Soulful Mix) 7.Deepconsoul, K Modi - Push (Deepconsoul, Grant Memories Of You) 8.Earl Tutu, John Khan, Mike City - What A Difference (Booker T Kings Of Soul Vocal Mix) 9.Misoul, Tee-bang, Dawney Mac - Above The Clouds (The Laidbacks Remix) 10.DJ Whisky, Earl W. Green - Keep Shining (Original Mix) 11.Coflo, Brutha Basil - Blueprint (Original Vibe Mix) 12.Matthew Bandy - Human (Jaime Thinnes Season's Mix) 13.Black Coffee feat. Bucie - Superman 14.Andrea Curato, Coco Street - If I Stay (Vocal Mix) 15.Imaani - Found My Light (The Layabouts Vocal Mix) 16.Blaze, UDAUFL - We Are One (Coflo Remix) 17.Javonntte - Fall In Love Again (JT Donaldson Remix) 18.Rachel Claudio, Nicolas Vautier - Miscommunicate (Yass Remix) 19.Mickey K, Chanelle - Never Fall In Love (Deepconsoul & MluMakeys Remix) 20.Klevakeys, Michelle Shellers - Breathless 21.Etu Beats, Jaidene Veda - Breathe 22.Kerri Chandler & Monique Bingham - In The Morning (Final Raw Mix) 23.Ejaye - Darkened Temptations (Dark Gable Godive Mix) 24.K'Alexi Shelby, Ejaye - Rain Fantasy (Justin Imperiale Remix) 25.Galaxy Group - Lady Harlem feat. Rich Medina 26.Ralf GUM, Joseph Junior - The Calling (Ralf GUM Main Mix) 27.Ofi Moet, Earl W. Green - Lost In The Clouds (Original Mix) 28.Tumi R.E, Dindy - Had Enough (Deepconsoul, Conflict Memories Of You) 29.DJ Laschem, Komplexity - You To Me (Deepconsoul, Dj Conflict Memories Of You) 30.Bennett Holland, Velma Dandzo - Confess (Afro Remix) 31.The Laidbacks, Saxy Mr S - All Over The World (SoulLab Laidback Mix) 32.Monodeluxe, Jaidene Veda - Change (Deep Xcape Deep Remix) Many thanks to everyone who played or downloaded last episode. I am really sorry that I had to delete it from the podcast page as I just didn't have enough space within the storage for that episode and this new one. If you missed out on downloading it and would like a copy, then please drop a line in comments and I will be happy to oblige you. In the meantime, stay safe in this ever changing world of ours. Until next episode, much love to each and all Shizz


 2020-07-27  3h17m