Mosaic of China

An English-language podcast showcasing people who are making their mark in China. 一个轻松愉快的英语播客,展示了一群目前正在中国留下印记的人。


Season 1 Compilation: China Bests & Worsts

This episode will touch a nerve with a lot of people. It’s a compilation of the things that the guests from Season 1 would miss the most and miss the least if they were to leave China. It was designed as a hypothetical question, but has now become a sad reality for those who left China temporarily during the pandemic but now, six months later, still have no way of returning.
It is also the one question that elicits answers that might include some of the nuisances and frustrations that you pick up on in everyday life, allowing the guests the opportunity to vent a little. But I wonder now, if we were all forced to leave China, would the things that we thought we would miss the least, actually become the things about which we reminisce the most?
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 2020-07-28  23m