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We are believers in people, ideas and the power of communication. This podcast is rooted in philosophical theory, as well as real experience and cultural appearence, to be affirmed or challenged throughout our conversations. We are not trying to change your mind. We only express what we believe as we do not claim to know. Along the way, we try to show how wonderful you are, in case you forget it and share with you our doubts and wonderings. Disagree? Have other interesting topic or question? Write to us! www.instagram.com/wrbelievers



Daria Clarifies Her Answers

Wow! Thank you all for the huge response and great feedback to our previous episode "Blitz Round #1: Answering some OkCupid Questions."

We received many words of encouragement and gratitude for this Blitz-Round format. Almost everyone seemed to enjoy it, so obviously with approval and support like that, we will surely keep it going.

But along with this, it seems that some people were particularly struck by Daria's statement that she doesn’t need a “nice” man around her.

For context,  we recommend that you listen to the previous episode: "Blitz Round #1: Answering some OkCupid Questions"

Daria's answer seems to have caused quite a bit of opposition to this idea and so we decided to record a separate episode to clarify and expand upon the reasoning that causes her to draw that conclusion.

In this episode, Daria will further discuss her interpretation of the words “nice” and “strong” and “smart. ”

We will also share some very personal and intimate experiences from our lives, which served to inform our positions on the relationship between a man and a woman.

Looking forward to hear from you!!

Daria Hackenberg (Russia, currently based in Berlin, Germany)
Project Manager and Agilist, passionate in philosophical aspect of life and with deep understanding to people nature.
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Hollis P Monroe (USA, currently based in Berlin, Germany)
DJ/Music producer and YouTube conversationalist who thoroughly enjoys talking about a variety of topics in and outside of the music world.
hollisTalks on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/Hollistalks
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 2020-07-29  48m