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episode 194: The Comics Agenda: Taking It To The Grave

We start out this episode talking about the Eisner awards that were revealed last week as the SDCC at home event. We talk about the winners, the losers, and what we have and have not read so far. 

During a little call back to a issue that we talked about a few weeks ago we talk about the deal that AMC and Universal Studios reached which allows movies to be available on Video on Demand just 17 days after their theatrical release. Who blinked? Who wins? We discuss it all. 

We also get into some casting rumors with Disney + shows before moving on to discuss what popular modern day companies Super Heroes might not be fans of.

I Hate Tom Brady
Michael brings us the story of a woman whose hate for Tom Brady was so strong she asked her family to reiterate that hate in her obituary. We talk about what sports icons we dislike, and we find out about Greg's disdain for Joe Montana. 

This week we travel back down to Texas for the second issue of That Texas Blood . Next we explore the lives of some Vietnam veterans as we check out Lost Soldiers #1. It becomes a multidimensional space trip with Hedra #1. Over in the Marvel Universe it is Unsolved Mysteries mutant style with X-Factor #1 . The we wrap up the week by checking in with Marvels big event Empyre #3 

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 2020-07-31  2h2m