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Heavy Networking 532: Scrapli Is A Netmiko Alternative

We talk about APIs so often you might feel like something’s wrong with you if you keep logging into the CLI to get things done. Of course, there are reasons you’re interacting with the CLI, and it’s not just that you’re resistant to change. Sometimes the CLI is really the best way to accomplish configuration tasks to gather important information. Fair enough.
What if you want to automate those interactions with the CLI? Is there a way? Historically, maybe we’ve used TCL paired with expect. Or more on trend lately, netmiko or NAPALM. And now a new Python-based CLI scraper has been born…scrapli, as in, “scrape CLI”. See what they did there?
Our guests are Carl Montanari and Dmitry Figol to talk to us about the joys of CLI scraping with scrapli.
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Show Notes:
Scrapli Project
Scrapli on GitHub
carlmontanari/scrapli – GitHub
Carl Montanari on LinkedIn
Dmitry Figol on LinkedIn


 2020-07-31  1h0m