Deep Cover: The Real Donnie Brasco

Johnny Depp might have played Donnie Brasco in the Academy Award-nominated film, but the real-life hero is Joe Pistone. Pistone came up on the mean streets of Patterson, New Jersey before going deep undercover and spending six years inside the Bonanno and Columbo crime families. In the new podcast “Deep Cover-The Real Donnie Brasco,” Joe Pistone shares the true stories of his time with The Mob to his friend, and our host, actor Leo Rossi. If you loved the Sopranos--“Fuhggedaboutit”--this is The Real Donnie Brasco.


episode 8: The End of Donnie Brasco?

The FBI now knows there’s a lot of bad blood and enemies turning the mafia inside out and placing Joe Pistone’s life in danger. He’s set to become a made guy, but the FBI wants to close the operation and start convicting with the evidence they’ve collected thus far. The likes of Sonny Black and Lefty Ruggiero wrestle with the realization that Donnie Brasco has been an undercover agent the entire time, but the true is undeniable as Joe (aka Donnie Brasco) begins to testify before the jury in the coming years.

  • 02:25 – Sonny Black resolves Bonanno internal conflict
  • 03:21 – Joe Pistone aka Donnie Brasco is assigned a hit
  • 07:47 – FBI wants to close operation
  • 11:35 – Donnie Brasco is no more
  • 14:43 – Sonny Black’s end

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 2020-07-29  20m