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Cultured Meat and Future Food is a short-form podcast series discussing the role of plant based food, clean meat, cultivated meat and food technology. The show is focused on asking industry leaders questions for an audience with a non-scientific background. Cultured Meat and Future Food is targeted towards entrepreneurs interested in the food technology space. Support this podcast:


episode 56: Andrew Stout - New Harvest Fellowship Series

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Alex Shirazi interviews industry veteran Andrew Stout on this episode. 

Andrew is a 3rd year PhD candidate in Dr. David Kaplan's Biomedical  Engineering lab at Tufts University. There, he studies how synthetic  biology and metabolic engineering can be applied to cultured meat, with  particular focus on nutritional and/or functional enhancement of  cultured meat products and bioprocesses.

Before Tufts, Andrew obtained a B.S. in Materials Science from Rice  University, was a researcher in the lab of Dr. Mark Post at Maastricht  University (where he studied scaffolding materials for cultured meat),  and worked as a research associate at Geltor, Inc., in San Leandro,  California (where he worked on a team engineering microbial strains for  the production of animal free collagen).

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 2020-08-04  38m