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episode 12: Scott Adkins on Ip Man 4 & Boyka Undisputed III Fight Breakdowns and the Importance of Good Director Relationships

Introducing Scott Adkins: actor, producer, and martial artist to the core. In this episode, we were graced with Mr. Adkins presence as we went down the line of his entire career in the film industry. In the realm of acting, we discussed his tutelage under Dee Cannon and Mykel Shannon Jones (Undisputed III) and his director and actor relationship with Isaac Florentine, Jesse V. Johnson (Accident Man, Debt Collector, Avengement), and Adrian Bol. These director partnerships have given Scott a great opportunity to take on more challenging character-driven films.  In the domain of production, we examined his role as a co-writer with his long time friend, Stu Small, in Accident Man and the maneuvers made in filming Avengement on such a tight time schedule. We also cover what makes a skilled fight cinematographer when it comes down to coordinating and filming fight sequences. As a passionate martial artist, we analyzed his fight scenes against Marko Zaror from Undisputed III: Redemption and Donnie Yen from Ip Man 4 (choreographed by Yuen Woo-ping) along with getting an inside look at his new film Legacy of Lies out now. Join us in this special, extensive interview with martial arts veteran and extraordinaire, Scott Adkins. --- Support this podcast:


 2020-08-05  56m