Round Springfield

Round Springfield is a Simpsons-adjacent podcast hosted by Allie Goertz and Julia Prescott where they interview writers, directors, showrunners, and voice-actors from the Simpsons-verse on their various paths to Springfield, failed pilots, other projects, and beyond. In this 20-episode limited series, you'll hear David X. Cohen talk Futurama, Josh Weinstein talk Mission Hill, and Yeardley Smith dig deep into her diverse path of becoming Lisa Simpson.


episode 218: Jay Kogen

We'll welcome back actor, director, writer, producer, Jay Kogen! He's probably best known for his Emmy-award winning work on Frasier, and contributions on Malcolm in the Middle and the  Austin Powers film series. On The Simpsons he wrote some truly classic episodes like "Lisa the Greek," "Homer's Odyssey," "Last Exit to Springfield," and more. He worked on The Simpsons at a time when it was still finding its footing – he co-created characters like Mr. Burns and Edna Krabappel … we get into it!  Plus, we take a look back at the short-lived Nickelodeon show Wendell & Vinnie and why it's one of the things he's most proud of. 

This episode was recorded remotely during quarantine. You might notice differing audio quality from previous episodes – but we’re trying to make it work for you! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.


 2020-08-11  56m