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We Have a Situation: Why Is Your Boat Named 'College Fund'?

On today's 'ROR Morning Show, Fischer Price has a new Covid-19 toy, the top sports movies of all time, how the circus is making money during a pandemic, there's a Dr. Pepper shortage and candy corn has a disgusting new flavor. Plus, we have a situation: a dad saved up to send his daughter to college. She says she's not going. He takes the  money and buys a boat. When he shows it to his family, the daughter says she's changed her mind and wants to go to college. What should he do? And how many bathrooms does Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's new mansion have? Plus, a cool concert venue that's COVID-19 safe  Supah Smaht in 60 Seconds! 

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 2020-08-13  51m