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episode 6: What makes a Paradox Game? - Paradox Podcast - The Business of Video Games

The Paradox Podcast is back after the holiday break!

Today we are joined by Julien Wera, Paradox Interactive’s Chief Product Officer, to discuss what all Paradox games have in common, no matter the genre.

On the agenda:

  • Paradox Game Pillars
  • What is a Paradox Game
  • Why we don’t want to publish every type of a game
  • What to keep in mind when pitching a game to Paradox


0:15 – Introduction

4:01 – Subject of the day: Paradox Game Pillars

31:58 – What about games that don’t fit our Pillars well?

37:00 – Wrapping up & how to use PDX Game Pillars to pitch us a game

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Thank you for watching! See you in the next Paradox Podcast episode, on September 2nd!

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 2020-08-19  39m