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Perspectives on a Post-COVID-19 Economy – Leadership in Crisis

How will business leaders deal with the emerging economy that has been ravaged by a significant decline in consumption, increase in business failures, and unpredictable swings in market value? The post-COVID-19 economy is a global challenge that has real impacts on companies that struggle to survive and on others that look to take advantage of new opportunities that arise from these dynamic times. Hear from top executives about the challenges and opportunities that leaders from different sectors will overcome and pursue. Stephen Newberry, retired CEO and Chairman of the Board of Lam Research talks with Professor Kimberly Elsbach, Stephen G. Newberry Endowed Chair in Leadership at UC Davis Graduate School of Management. Series: "UC Davis Graduate School of Management's Dean's Distinguished Speaker Series" [Business] [Show ID: 36216]


 2020-08-12  1h18m