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episode 573: Australian for Leistungsschutzrecht - Facebook vs QAnon, Trump vs TikTok, Google vs Australia

Facebook vs QAnon, Trump vs TikTok, Google vs Australia

  • Google's deprecation policy is killing it.
  • Google goes to the Australian public for help after the government blocks snippets
  • The Internet War is over, and Google won
  • What if Facebook dies?
  • Why America should kill TikTok
  • Twitter changing Retweet to "Quote Tweet"
  • Testing the new 6Ghz bandwidth 5G spectrum
  • Spot robot now caring for patients in hospitals
  • German princess gets her drunk rants taken off of Google
  • Trump praises QAnon as Facebook moves to block them
  • Zoom comes to Google Nest Hub, WebEx comes to
  • The Pine Phone ultra-secure Linux phone and the Obama Phone for low-income folk
  • GPT-3 AI-generated blog post hits the front page of Hacker News
  • Zombie pigs!
  • Ryan Renolds sells Aviation Gin for $610 million
  • Mint Mobile Plus has the best movie selection any streaming provider
  • DNC 2020: The YouTube Convention
  • The Google Changelog: Google Duo --> Google Meet | Multi-room Nest audio | Google AI hardware in new hands | Google Travel COVID info | Google Maps detail | Android 11 vs camera choice | Activity Cards in Search

  • Picks of the Week:
  • Stacey's Thing: Firewalla Gold: Multi-Gigabit Cyber Security
  • Jeff's Numbers: Amazon adds 3,500 jobs
  • Ant's Stuff: Adobe Max Registration
  • Ant's Stuff 2: An amazing content creator and an amazing maker
  • Karsten's Mask: Handmade leather mask from MereLeather in Ukraine. Very comfortable comes with paper filters, or you can use your own n95 inserts.
  • Karsten's Mask 2: YouTuber builds gun that shoots masks onto people's faces

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

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 2020-08-20  2h28m