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episode 50: Episode 50 - Classic House

The Twilight Lounge Episode 50 ~ Over 90 minutes of Classic House tracks from the 80’s and 90’s that will keep you hype all night long!…….

Classic House Music LIVES at The Twilight Lounge mixed A-Live by Yours Truly, DJ Ash. 

Check Out the set list below:

----more----1. Let’s Get Brutal 2. Can You Feel It  3. Do What You Want  4. Work It To The Bone 5. Voo Doo Ray 6. Dirty Cash 7. Wiggle It 8. The Breeze 9. Love & Happiness 10. Deep Inside 11. Welcome to My Groove 12. Let There Be House 13. Din Da Da 14. Girl I’ll House You  15. This is Acid 16. Give It Up 17. 2 The Rhythm 18. Work My Body Over 19. Sunshine ‘89 20. Love Sensation  21. Found Love 22. Love You More 23. Can’t Get Enough 

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 2020-08-24  1h35m