The Nostalgic Vagabond

Join me, Allan Hill (the Nostalgic Vagabond) for weekly one-hour~ish travel talks with unique and interesting travellers / adventurers who Zoom-in from all around the world. In conversation, we share compelling personal stories of trial, triumph and sometimes tribulation from journeys, exploring this world and its cultures, languages and landscapes. None of us claim to be experts, we aren't necessarily pros, we are regular people like you. But we decided to say, “YES!” Decided to step outside our comfort zone and have a go at creating our own journey, going our own way. You also don't have to be an expert or professional, all you need is to say, “Yes!” Commit. And go on your own journey – your own way. You can be a traveller too! Hey - Maybe travel could help you discover, your best you. And you can also follow me, @thenostalgicv


episode 2: Working in Hostels and Teaching Abroad - Traveller Lifestyle that Pays Your Board

The Nostalgic Vagabond catches up with Chris Ascroft, an ol' friend and, once upon a time, the Activities Coordinator at a very popular hostel in Montreal.

Chris has been obsessed with travel ever since he has been able to seek "greener pastures" and backpacking the world on various adventures, his preferred method for almost two decades.

Allan and Chris share some of their experiences travelling; where to stay, which transportation to get there, what to pack, and how to find deodorant when you inevitably run out... Why? It's all part of the experience.


 2020-08-09  55m