Politics: Meet Me in the Middle

In an age when saying the wrong thing in a Twitter post could leave you ghosted by onetime friends—or worse—we find our country torn apart at the political seams. But things don’t need to be this way. Constructive social discourse is not dead, it just needs a little resuscitation. From CurtCo Media. ​ Consider Meet Me in the Middle your political rehab. Each week, Ed Larson (Pulitzer Prize winning historian, author, and world-wide lecturer) invites guests from across the ideological spectrum—including politicians, activists, and celebrities—to sit down, discuss the issues, and if not find consensus, at least find common ground. So bring an open mind and remember, we’re more alike than different.



episode 37: 37 - It Is What It Is: A Debate About The Elections, Checks And Balance, and China with Don Schmitz

In support of President Trump, Government Affairs Consultant Don Schmitz contrasts the President's approach to governing with prior administrations. Historian Ed Larson explains why the President is not elected by popular vote. Trade Attorney Jane Albrecht debates the effectiveness of the U.S. relationship with China and NATO.

This episode begins with a review of Postmaster General DeJoy's appearance before the U.S. House Of Representatives. Then the panel discusses the security and the history of voting by mail and absentee voting. Ed Larson offers a history lesson on how Presidents are decided by state legislators rather than by popular vote. After the break, Host Bill Curtis leads a discussion about the balance of power among the three branches of government. Guest Don Schmitz debates the President's overall effectiveness and his handling of international trade with Co-host Jane Albrecht.


2:50 - Postmaster General DeJoy appears before Congress

4:00 - Vote By Mail security

5:00 - History of Absentee balloting

7:40 - History of disputed Presidential elections

14:00 - Dived government and the balance of power

19:10 - Conservative concerns about a Democratic sweep

22:20 - President Trump's personality versus governing

27:00 - The US relationship with China and NATO

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Hosted by: Bill Curtis, Ed Larson and Jane Albrecht

Guest: Don Schmitz

Produced and Edited by: Mike Thomas

Sound Engineering by: Michael Kennedy

Theme Music by: Celleste and Eric Dick

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 2020-08-27  35m