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This is the Action Filmmaking Podcast, the show dedicated to pure action analysis. Our passion for action films and martial arts has led us here where we do in-depth analyses and breakdowns of choreography and fight sequences as well as interviews with action filmmakers around the world. Join us to know more about the beauty of choreography and the arts of action filmmaking from the industry's best. Catch new episodes weekly! Support this podcast:


episode 14: The Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception - Tom Struthers Part 2

Introducing Tom Struthers: international stunt extraordinaire. We had the pleasure of discussing his tales of Bollywood, tremendous impact working with Christoper Nolan in Inception and the Dark Knight Trilogy, and his innovative and revolutionary choreography techniques. Join us in our 2 part interview with Tom Struthers, revolutionist of the stunt coordination industry. --- Support this podcast:


 2020-08-28  25m