The award-winning Talk2ThePaw podcast explores the challenges and joys of owning a dog in the 21st century. We examine common misconceptions, try to explain where they come from, and consider how we, as caregivers, could do better to improve the lives of our canine companions. We are one part dog lover, and one part dog nerd, and truly believe the key to a happy and contented pooch lies in learning to understand the messages your dog is trying to share with you. Talk2thePaw is an interactive podcast where listeners can submit questions or share a story celebrating our four-legged friends.


episode 3: Episode 3 [transcript]

In this episode, we discuss a new law being introduced in Germany, a Finnish study on fearfulness in dogs, the most bizarre Letterbox question we could have ever imagined, an English company putting their own unique spin on canine nutrition, and we celebrate yet another truly remarkable Wagtastic Woof.
How much exercise is appropriate for your dog? We consider a new German law that proposes a mandated minimum activity for the country's 9 million-plus canine population. Is it a great leap forward or simply another example of bureaucratic idiocy?
In keeping with our health theme, we examine a new study that has found some surprising links between canine anxiety and lifestyle. Can a puppy's life chances be influenced by its formative experiences? And does your dog's breed have any bearing on its mental health?
Our Letterbox features a question that we never expected to receive. Our dog nerd was severely tested!
In Gadgets, Gizmos, and Gastronomy we take a look at the sometimes perplexing world of canine nutrition. One English manufacturer, that has recently expanded, has caught our eye with its rather unorthodox approach.
And finally, this episode's Wagtastic Woof is an utterly remarkable example of a canine carer. Tune in to find out more.

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 2020-08-30  38m