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241 - 'Run' Audio Commentary

One of the best films of the year for both Dallas and Lee has been Scott Graham's 'Run' which is now available on digital download and DVD now. To celebrate its release and shine a light on the film after lockdown put a halt to its rollout in cinemas, we've decided to record an audio commentary looking at the making of the film, the fantastic casting, why it resonates with us, the soundtrack and breaking the movie down.

'The daily grind of working in a fish factory has got at 30-something Finnie (Mark Stanley). Taking on too much responsibility too young, he longs to be that arrogant, carefree teenager again, who spent his nights racing cars through Fraserburgh’s neon-soaked streets. When his own car racing teenage son Kid (Anders Hayward) gets his girlfriend Kelly (Marli Siu) pregnant, Finnie gains an inescapable reminder of where he thinks his own life went wrong. Unable to articulate his depression to his wife Katie (Amy Manson), he borrows Kid’s car for an after-dark joyride. It might lead to a new understanding of himself — or might just cost him everything.'


 2020-09-02  1h17m