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episode 7: Epic, Apple and the Platform Wars - Paradox Podcast - The Business of Video Games

In this episode we are joined by Kim Nordström, Paradox Interactive’s Chief Strategy Officer, to discuss the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Epic! 

On the agenda today:
-         What is the Epic vs Apple situation really about?
-         Why should the industry and players care?
-         Who can this situation benefit?
-         Who are we rooting for and why?
-         The drilling in Daniel’s house (Sorry for that...) 

0:15 – Introduction
2:15 – What game we’ve been playing
4:36 – Daniel’s paternity leave, and the PDX Podcast plans
6:54 – Subject of the Day: Apple vs Epic
43:01 – Wrapping up

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 Thank you for watching! See you in the next Paradox Podcast episode, on September 16th!
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 2020-09-03  43m