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Episode 408: Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates is an author and journalist. He served as guest editor for the September issue of Vanity Fair, titled "The Great Fire."

“There’s this pressure to say something. Say something. The world’s burning, say something. But I try to stay where I’ve been or where I’ve tried to be in my career. ... Good things take time. You gotta let things cook. You can’t insta-bake something like this.”

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Show notes:


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  • 1:00 "The Great Fire: A Special Issue, Edited by Ta-Nehisi Coates" (Vanity Fair • September 2020)
  • 1:15 "On Witnessing and Respair: A Personal Tragedy Followed by Pandemic" (Jesmyn Ward • Vanity Fair • September 2020)
  • 1:15 "Blue Bloods: America's Brotherhood of Police Officers" (Eve L. Ewing • Vanity Fair • September 2020)
  • 1:30 "The Abolition Movement" (Josie Duffy Rice • Vanity Fair • September 2020)
  • 1:30 "College Football Players are Unpaid Stars on the Field – And Have No Power Off It" (Bomani Jones • Vanity Fair • September 2020)
  • 1:45 "Amy Sherald on Making Breonna Taylor's Portrait" (Miles Pope • Vanity Fair • September 2020)
  • 7:00 The Apollo and The Atlantic Present Black Panther in Conversation: Featuring Chadwick Boseman and Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • 9:30 “He Was An Epic Firework Display”: Ryan Coogler on Chadwick Boseman
  • 15:00 Longform Podcast #363: Radhika Jones
  • 15:45 "'I Am Still Called by the God I Serve to Walk This Out' A conversation with Lucia McBath, mother of Jordan Davis" (The Atlantic • February 2014)
  • 20:30 "Mississippi: A Poem, In Days" (Kiese Makeba Lamon • Vanity Fair • September 2020)
  • 23:15 "The Life of Breonna Taylor Lived, in the Words of Her Mother" (Ta-Nehisi Coates • Photography by Latoya Ruby Frazier • Vanity Fair • September 2020)
  • 26:00 Between the World and Me
  • 27:45 "Viola Davis: “My Entire Life Has Been a Protest" (Sonia Saraiya • Vanity Fair • July/August 2020)
  • 27:45 "Janelle Monáe: Artist in Residence" (Yohana Desta • Vanity Fair • May 2020)
  • 27:45 "For the Love of Lupita Nyong’o" (Kimberly Drew • Vanity Fair • September 2019)
  • 44:00 "I’m Still Reading Andrew Sullivan. But I Can’t Defend Him." (Ben Smith • New York Times • Aug 2020)
  • 46:15 "Myths About Physical Racial Differences Were Used to Justify Slavery — and are Still Believed by Doctors Today." (Linda Villarosa • New York Times Magazine • August 2019)


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