For the Love of Brick: Interviews with LEGO Enthusiasts

For the Love of Brick is a podcast for people, young and old, who love LEGO. Join Greg McDonald, a fellow LEGO enthusiast, as he interviews people from all over the world about their love of LEGO and explores the different ways it features in people's lives. We will meet builders, artists, health workers, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. For the Love of Brick celebrates people and their unique connections with LEGO. Tune in every fortnight for a new episode.


episode 11: Tim Johnson - New Elementary

In today’s episode, Greg chats with Tim Johnson, the creator of New Elementary - a popular website dedicated to discussing LEGO new parts and techniques. Tim discusses how New Elementary started from a small gap he discovered in the LEGO media landscape and how it has evolved over the years to where it is today. Tim also shares some of the diverse LEGO projects he has been involved in over the years, ranging from volunteering with the charity, Fairy Bricks, to even releasing a series of LEGO coffee books.

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 2020-09-03  54m