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episode 104: Exit to Community

A group of startup founders, investors, and thinkers are reimagining corporate ownership to take into account all of the people who help build the business—not just executives and investors, but customers, users, and suppliers. Their vision for Exit to Community is outlined in this zine, and two of its authors come on Rework to talk about their vision for a more equitable and inclusive end game for tech startups.

Show Notes

Zebras Unite website | Twitter - 1:18

"Exit to Community: A Community Primer" zine - 1:24

Mara Zepeda on Twitter | Mara's previous interview on Rework - 1:52

Hearken and Switchboard's merger - 1:56

Nathan Schneider's website | Nathan on Twitter - 2:11

Media Enterprise Design Lab - 2:17

"Meetup to the People: How a Zebra could Rise from a Unicorn's Fall" (Medium) - 4:41

"Meetup was a darling of the tech industry. But can it survive WeWork?" (NBC News) - 4:45

ESOP - 10:49

The #WeAreTwitter #Buy Twitter campaign - 20:17

Exit to Community peer learning cohort - 21:50


 2020-09-08  25m