Record of Change

For the first time in a long time, it feels like all people on Earth have something in common. An exploration of what unites us in a time of social distancing, we visit and re-visit people in Hongkong and India, Greece and Gaza, among other places.


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Introducing Record of Change, a new podcast documenting how a pandemic twists 8 lives around the world.

Probably never before have societies and individuals around the globe had to react to a crisis that affects everyone in similar ways. While the common narrative around the pandemic is one of social distancing, emphasizing the importance to isolate from other people, our podcast will focus on the under-reported flipside: we’re all in this together. This project picks up the uniqueness of this unprecedented situation and addresses the potentials of this common ground, beyond national or cultural borders.

Record of Change documents people’s experiences during the pandemic in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and North America. The podcast asks how they deal with the changes they have to face on essential levels: economically, emotionally, socially, ecologically.

Through the interviews listeners take a deep dive into the protagonists’ as well as the interviewers’ lives, looking at the before, during and after and documenting new developments over the span of several months as we revisit interviewees multiple times.


 2020-09-05  2m
00:01  Fidaa
We can't predict what's coming.
00:03  Matthias
Life as we know it ceased to exist in early 2020.
00:07  Fidaa
So nothing is predictable.
This is the way we live in Gaza.
00:11  Prathap Nair
Our lives have been shaken by job losses, travel restrictions, anxiousness and other mental health issues.
00:19  Didem Tali
Sometimes I get really upset about thinking, is this it like, is this the end of my journalism career?
00:28  Alkis
We opened the restaurant on end of January and then the lockdown in Greece happened and the government closed all the restaurants
00:36  Rey
That's another sad news here in the Philippines: all domestic flights, all airlines are not allowed to fly.
00:42  Prathap Nair
Over the course of several episodes, we will listen to people from
Athens, Istanbul, Gaza, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Manila and other places around the world.
How are they dealing with the uncertainties?
00:55  Matthias
How do the individual experiences differ?
And what do we all have in common?
01:01  Rey
This virus is different because we can't see them.
Everyone could be a carrier, even me.
01:08  Dominic
The doctor told me that, oh, your test positive.
At that moment I was quite shocked because I don't want to lose my life, you know.
Everything was so sudden.
01:17  Mike van Graan
It's been incredible: every single week for the last six weeks, one of us has known someone who's died.
01:30  Matthias
We'll hear how the pandemic reached people at almost every corner of this planet and we will listen to them at several points in time.
01:39  Prathap Nair
Yes, we will check in with them and take stock of their lives.
How is the pandemic shaping their lives in the meantime?
How are they coping with it?
01:48  Matthias
Because, we can't predict what's coming.
01:50  Rey
It's just another way of life, you cannot control it.
You have to embrace the change
01:57  Prathap Nair
How is the pandemic reshaping lives across the globe?
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02:08  Matthias
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