Passport Mommy

Motherhood is a journey! Michelle joins you on your greatest adventure! Each week hear experts, entrepreneurs, and fellow parents share advice and information as you navigate motherhood. Conversations with other parents will keep you laughing and learning!


Going Back to Preschool, Get Outside with Joovy, Healthy Hacks for Moms

Marshall Stevenson, comic and owner of the NY Beer and Brewery Tour, and Michelle share their thoughts about their preschoolers going back to school.

Joovy's Sarah Gardner discusses what it's like to work with her spouse as partners in the business as well as their partnership with the National Park Foundation.

Michelle introduces the new series, "From Ordinary to Extraordinary: How Moms Impact a Family's Health. In the first of many episodes, Amber Lynn Vitale, an educator for Garden of Life, discusses how we as moms take on the world and shares healthy hacks to help us keep everyone in our family happy and healthy.


 2020-09-12  48m