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episode 8: Crusader Kings 3 Release - Paradox Podcast - The Business of Video Games

The Paradox Podcast is back, to discuss the release of Crusader Kings 3!
We are joined by Christian Daflos, the Product Marketing Manager for CK3, to discuss how the game performed on release and what it took to make it the commercial success that it is!

On the agenda today:
-         What the hell is a PMM?
-         The dreaded Hype
-         How to prepare for a major release
-         What was different about CK3’s marketing
-         What went right and what didn’t
-         Some boasting (a lot actually)

0:00 - Introduction
1:41 – What we’ve been playing
3:32 – What is a Product Marketing Manager & who is Christian Daflos?
5:57 – The CK3 Boasting Segment
7:55 – How we prepared for CK3’s launch?
14:54 – What went right with the release?
18:10 – What didn’t go right?
20:50 – What did we learn?
23:30 – Planning for various scenarios
27:42 – What does CK3’s success mean for Paradox?
33:40 – Hype and expectation management
38:08 – Wrapping up

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Thank you for listening! See you in the next Paradox Podcast episode, in 2 weeks!

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 2020-09-17  39m