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The Sunday Lunchtime Session 27th Mar 2016

Nasticity – “I Need Somebody”
Notations – “Super People”
Leon Haywood – “Strokin'”
Mista Charge – “The Taste Of Love ”
Crystal Image – “Gonna Have A Good Time”
The Casanovas – “Love Connection”
Miz Davis – “Sing A Happy Funky Song”
Sugar Bear Johnson – “When Your Jones Come Down” (Instrumental)
Sandy’s Gang – “Hungry” (Instrumental)
Mill Street Depo – “I May Be Right”
Silver, Platinum & Gold – “La-La-Love Chains”
Chicago Gangsters – “What’s Goin’ On”
RGs All Nit Funk Band – “Go For It Sucker”
Plazza Suite – “Joey’s Tune”
Ross Carnegie & Co – “F Minor Disco”
Frank Dell – “I’ll Be Ready”
South Side Coalition – “Get Off Your Seats & Jam”
South Side Coalition – “Don’t Cha Wanna”
Soul Searchers – “Boogie Up The Nation”
TFO – “All The Way”
Ron Butler & The Ramblers – “Peace & Love” (Part 2)
Willie Hobbs – “Let’s Steal Away”
Batiste Band – “Starlite” (Instrumental)
Brooklyn People – “Peace & Love”
Larry McGee & Saxon Sisters – “We’re Number One” (Instrumental)
Monofide – “Come Along With Me”
Astor & The Potentials – “Give Me What I Want”
Messiah – “Get Up On Your Feet”
Ike Noble – “Dance, Dance, Dance….”
Action – “New Roller Disco Dip”
JDV & Friends – “Disco Beat”
The Stringfield Family – “The Sounds Of Disco”
Chocolate & Joy – “Groove That Sexy Thing”
The Nu’rons & Co – “Disco Hustle”


 2016-03-27  1m