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For the first time in a long time, it feels like all people on Earth have something in common. An exploration of what unites us in a time of social distancing, we visit and re-visit people in Hongkong and India, Greece and Gaza, among other places.


episode 4: Athens: Go vegan, go local [transcript]

Just as he opens his new restaurant in a busy part of Athens, Alkis has to shut it down due to restrictions imposed by the lockdown in Greece. Forced to slow down, he acquires new skills, including learning to sleep more.

This episode was recorded on August 5, 2020.

Guest Alkaios Michail, Athens, Greece

Alkis is an Athens based architect / urban designer turned hospitality entrepreneur. His organic vegan restaurant Winners Vgn opened recently in Athens just as the lockdown went into effect, throwing things into uncertain territory.

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  • Athens: Waiting for Christmas
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  • Thomas Reintjes (Post Production)
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An Huy Tran, Matthias Jochmann and Kecheng Fang also helped make this episode.


 2020-09-20  28m