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Disrupting the Insurance Industry with AI

“At a fundamental level, insurance is a social good. It’s about a community of people pooling their resources to help the weakest members in their hour of need. That should be the most loved industry, but it’s 180 degrees away from that,” says Daniel Schreiber, the cofounder and CEO of the InsureTech startup Lemonade, in conversation with Azeem Azhar.

Daniel and Azeem also discuss:

  • How insurance is a business of probability theory, which is why the sector as a whole will only get more susceptible to transformations through AI, big data, and machine learning.
  • Why the corporate cultures of legacy insurance firms are well-adapted for preservation, but ill-adapted for business transformation, innovation, and the transition from a policy-centric to customer-centric business model.
  • Integrating AI into behind-the-scenes processes, including regulation, feature development, and production.

Further reading:

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Azeem Azhar @azeem


 2019-08-14  31m