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episode 106: Something's Broken

Basecamp recently suffered three outages in a week, prompting programming lead Jeremy Daer and director of operations Troy Toman come on the show to discuss their approach to customer communication around these kinds of incidents. They talk about public accountability, mental health, and why the human side of incident response is just as critical as the technical details. (Read Jeremy's post and Troy's post on Signal v. Noise.)

Show Notes

Troy Toman on Twitter - 00:04

Basecamp's policy on summer hours - 00:15

Jeremy's Signal v. Noise post - 1:35

Troy's Signal v. Noise post - 1:38

Jeremy Daer on Twitter - 2:58

Basecamp's status page showing its uptime percentages - 3:55

The Big Integer incident was covered on Rework | in this Signal v. Noise post  - 4:36


 2020-09-22  23m