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Lou Reads about Animal Lovers & Fisting

Of course everyone loves animals. Maybe you like to pet a dog here and there. Perhaps you like to make a kissy noise to get a cats attention. Offer a finger for it to smell and rub affectionately. Yes thats so nice. Yeah… these people don’t like that. They are pretty much only interested in fucking or being fucked by animals…. This will probably be another one of those podcasts you listen to and your mind makes you say “That can’t be real. Someone made that shit up.” I think you’ll see when you think about it that there is a sub-forum for people who write animal sex fiction. These stories lack the fiction writers appeal and word-craft. I like to imagine that I would be able to tell the difference between someone actively  wondering about fucking a dog over a jokester. Sadly, these stories ring true for the most part and that…. well that is super gross. I made an enhanced podcast for this one as well. If you want to download it and you watch it on iTunes you can see snippets from the actual forum I was reading from. Good times…. Bleh.  OH!!! I almost forgot there was a fisting sub-forum. Its really absurd. WHEEEEEEEE…


 2009-04-12  11m