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Episode 411: Elizabeth Weil

Elizabeth Weil covers California and the climate for ProPublica. She has written for The New York Times Magazine, California Sunday, and more.

“As a journalist you’re endlessly asking people to tell you really personal, really vulnerable stuff about their lives. And I feel like you have to be willing to be in that conversation too—or really think about why you’re not willing.”

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Show notes: 

  • @lizweil
  • elizabethweil.net
  • Weil on Longform
  • 03:00 "Why He Kayaked Across the Atlantic at 70 (For the Third Time)" (New York Times Magazine • Mar 2018)
  • 04:00 "What the Photos of Wildfires and Smoke Don’t Show You" (ProPublica • Sept 2020)
  • 08:00 "The Climate Crisis Is Happening Right Now. Just Look at California’s Weekend." (ProPublica • Sept 2020)
  • 13:00 "The Lost Boys of Sudan; The Long, Long, Long Road to Fargo" (Sara Corbett • New York Times Magazine • April 2001)
  • 17:00 Off the Sidelines (Kirsten Gillibrand • Penguin Random House • 2015)
  • 20:00 "In the Ashes of Ghost Ship" (New York Times Magazine • Dec 2018)
  • 24:00 "Mary Cain Is Growing Up Fast" (New York Times Magazine • Mar 2015)
  • 31:00 "Kamala Harris Takes Her Shot" (Atlantic • May 2019)
  • 32:00 The Girl Who Smiled Beads (Clemantine Wamariya • Penguin Random House • 2019)
  • 36:00 No Cheating, No Dying (Scribner • 2012)
  • 36:00 They All Laughed at Christopher Columbus (Bantam • 2010)
  • 39:00 "Married (Happily) With Issues" (New York Times Magazine • Dec 2009)
  • 42:00 "Raising a Teenage Daughter" (California Sunday Magazine • Nov 2017)


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 2020-09-23  48m