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Heavy Networking 541: An Update On Free Range Routing

Free Range Routing (FRR) is an open source routing protocol suite you can run on Linux. Armed with nothing more than a basic understanding of Linux and the FRR docs, I was able to get a BGP session nailed up quickly. The CLI has a familiar vibe if you’ve been working on networking gear for a while.
Today we jump into updates on Free Range Routing and see where the project is at. Our guest is Donald Sharp, a longtime FRR contributor and  Principle Engineer at NVIDIA.
We discuss:

* Who’s deploying FRR and its common use cases
* The throughput you can expect
* Project goals and community growth
* Highlights of the 7.4 release
* What’s coming in future releases
* FRR and automation
* More

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 2020-09-25  1h7m