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Emily Temple-Wood: The Gender Gap

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host Emily Temple-Wood
Chicago, IL. USA Guest painting by William H. Johnson courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution (Public Domain) Her campaign to add hundreds more women scientists to wikipedia has inspired volunteers and supporters around the world.. their issue: the content gap, especially when it comes to gender. This personal mission turned global movement has also become an institutional concern.. to address the longstanding gap in content about women who have made major contributions to the field of science and well beyond.
We’re minding the gap and cheering for change with Emily Temple-Wood, today on Source Code Berlin. Links:

  • Wikiproject: Women Scientists
  • Wikiproject: Womens Health
  • Wikiproject: Women in Red
  • Wikipedia 15: Wikipedia’s Content Gender Gap (video): Featuring (among others) Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight.


 2016-03-29  42m