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Network Break 303: Ericsson Acquires Cradlepoint For WAN Connectivity; HPE/Silver Peak Deal Closes

Today’s Network Break starts with some follow up, and then examines Ericsson’s Cradlepoint acquisition and the official closing of Silver Peak by HPE. Kentik adds synthetic monitoring to its visibility platform, Barracuda Networks extends its Azure partnership to include secure remote access, and a potential Chinese blacklist may close the Chinese market to Cisco. Russia moves to block security protocols such as TLS 1.3, Cisco is sending “Save the date” emails for a Cisco Live in Australia in December 2021, and wireless engineers solve an 18-month outage mystery in rural Wales. Get links to all these stories below. Sponsor: HexaBuild Started by IPv6 experts, HexaBuild is “the” IPv6 training, education, and consulting company. If your projects include cloud, IoT, security or networking, you’ll need IPv6 and HexaBuild is here to help you deploy and manage it successfully. PacketPushers listeners can get a 10% discount on any training. Just go to and use the discount code PacketPushers to get your 10% discount! Tech Bytes: Fortinet SD-WAN After the news we talk with Fortinet customer PM Pediatrics about its nation-wide deployment of Fortinet’s  Secure SD-WAN. PM Pediatrics is replacing MPLS links with broadband and DIA connections while also supporting critical voice and healthcare applications. Our guest is John Tabako, Director of IT Infrastructure for PM Pediatrics. Show Links: FU: 1. RISC Five: A listener wrote in to let us know RISC V is pronounced “five”, not “v”. Yes it’s picky, but we appreciate the correction. 2. Mellanox Spectrum: Cumulus Linux has all the same features on both a Broadcom Trident 3 and Mellanox Spectrums 3. Juniper QFX5130 has redundant AC and DC options. It is not only DC-powered: This is not correct, there are redundant AC and DC powered switches in the portfolio. “First platform introduced on Broadcom Trident 4 programmable merchant silicon” Uses Broadcom Trident 4 silicon one of the first products to come to market with a 32 ports of 400G The choice of AC and DC power supplies means it work for both service providers and enterprises. My apologies for the error, I’m not sure how I made this mistake and can only apologise. A lot. News Links: Ericsson accelerates 5G for Enterprise with acquisition of Cradlepoint – Ericsson HPE closes deal for Silver Peak valued at $925M (NYSE:HPE) – Seeking Alpha Kentik Adds Integrated Synthetic Monitoring to Deliver Next-Gen Network Observability – Kentik Barracuda’s global SD-WAN service built natively on Azure gains traction with customers and partners  – Barracuda Networks Investors Shouldn’t Worry About Cisco’s Blacklist Risks in China – Motley Fool


 2020-09-28  52m