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Tech Bytes: SD-WAN Is Good Medicine For Healthcare Provider’s Video App (Sponsored)

PM Pediatrics relies on a cloud-hosted voice application to connect healthcare providers and patients, including a surge in voice and video calls amidst the pandemic.
The urgent care organization, which has walk-in clinics in 60 locations across the United States, relies on SD-WAN from Fortinet to help ensure performance and quality, and protect sensitive conversations. Fortinet is our sponsor for today’s Tech Bytes episode.
Our guest is John Tabako, Director of IT Infrastructure for PM Pediatrics.
We discuss:

* How PM Pediatrics traded MPLS for broadband and DIA connections
* Using SD-WAN to support critical applications, including real-time apps
* Enhancing security by running SD-WAN and firewalls on the same appliance
* Planning an Azure vWAN integration
* The positive impact of SD-WAN on day-to-day operations
* More

Show Links:
Fortinet Secure SD-WAN


 2020-09-28  17m