The Angry Chicken: A Hearthstone & Battlegrounds Podcast

The Angry Chicken is a podcast all about Hearthstone. Standard, Wild, Battlegrounds, and Solo Adventures. Each week the latest news, strategies, crazy game stories and your emails are covered. Garrett Weinzierl and Jocelyn Moffett together host The Angry Chicken.


#385 - The Angry Chicken: “Enter the Elementals”

Elementals have finally come to Hearthstone Battlegrounds! Patch 18.4 is a massive update to Hearthstone. 20 new minions. 4 new heroes. And no nerfs to Jandice or Pogos???!! Garrett and Jocelyn wade into the elemental whirlwind to find that maybe nerfs aren’t needed. On top of this Ridiculous Hat joins later in the podcast to talk about the major updates to Battlegrounds Ratings and the nerfs coming to both Turtle Mage and Guardian Druid.


 2020-09-29  n/a