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episode 9: Technology & Leadership - Paradox Podcast - The Business of Video Games

Welcome back to the Paradox Podcast! This week we invited Mina Boström, Paradox Interactive’s Chief Technology Officer!

Today on the agenda:

  • Who is Mina and what even is a CTO?
  • Why should technology matter to PDX and our players?
  • How is games industry different in that area?
  • Lots of difficult words
  • The work of an upper level manager and some management philosophy

00:43 – Paradox’s CTO, Mina Boström
07:20 - What is a CTO?
11:40 – How does a CTO’s average week at PDX look like
13:45 – Challenges before PDX in terms of technology
15:32 – What is different about working in the games industry
23:12 – Leadership and technology
43:11 – Reading recommendations & wrapping up

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Thank you for listening! See you in the next Paradox Podcast episode, in 2 weeks!

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 2020-09-30  46m