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Day Two Cloud 068: Achieving Crucial Cloud Visibility With Riverbed (Sponsored)

Today’s show explores cloud visibility with sponsor Riverbed. Perhaps best known for its Steelhead WAN optimization appliances, Riverbed has a suite of solutions that target cloud performance and visibility. The mad dash to the cloud has left many organizations without a good plan to measure and monitor what’s going on.
And whether you’re tracking the performance of applications running in the cloud or monitoring your users’ experience with SaaS apps, the cloud adds new complications for your traditional data center monitoring tools.
Our Riverbed guests are Dr. Vincent Berk, VP, Chief Architect Security, CTO; and Brandon Carroll, Director, Technical Evangelist, Worldwide Marketing Management.
We discuss:

* How Riverbed tackles cloud visibility
* The challenges of non-compatibility of data formats, meta data, and consumability as compared to traditional data center monitoring
* Balancing your needs in a hybrid environment
* Understanding Riverbed’s cloud visibility architecture
* More

Show Links:
Riverbed Blogs
@brandoncarroll – Brandon Carroll on Twitter
@VincentBerk – Vincent Berk on Twitter
Brandon Carroll on LinkedIn
Vincent Berk on LinkedIn


 2020-09-30  50m