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The Maverick Teams is a boutique consulting firm founded by Maverick Levy. This podcast will focus on all the ventures that Maverick Levy and the team are associated with. This show will be full of education, inspiration, and entertainment as Maverick brings on guests to chat with. This is The Best of The Best Podcast: Presented By The Maverick Teams!


episode 6: EPISODE 6 - CREATING AN AUTOMOTIVE OASIS ft. Brad Oleshansky (Founder/CEO of The Motor Enclave)

This is Episode 6 of The Best of the Best: Maverick's Guide To Success with Maverick Levy & today he's here to discuss the new Then it's an honor & a privilege to have Brad Oleshansky (Founder/CEO of The Motor Enclave) on the show to discuss: Founding M1 Concourse, Where he grew up & where he went to college, studying the movie industry, living in Los Angeles & getting into law, starting a family & moving back to Michigan, growing "Big Communications", the automotive space & his passion for it, taking his vision across the country & how it started, taking risks when you're younger & the importance of failure, his goal of selling garages, the events & activities with M1, challenges of finding investment for a project that hadn't been done before, being event driven to pitch his vision to prospective customers, persistence & networking, "Test & Learn", advice for starting a business from the ground up, doing your diligence, focusing on lifestyle for the clientele, his newest venture, buying data, reflecting on what he's built, his favorite part of his business, what he wished he knew in his early 20's & so much more including some parting words from our host Maverick about a milestone for the podcast. This episode is not to be missed!

Please visit & in Pontiac, MI. The Motor Enclave is currently developing projects in Tampa, FL, Columbus, OH and Nashville, TN.

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 October 1, 2020  43m