American Family Farmer

The American Family Farmer Show is the weekly voice for small, independent farm owners, as well hobby farmers and all of those interested in eating natural foods that make as few stops as possible from the farm to the table.


10/01/20 - Time to Check Your Horse Consciousness

American Family Farmer and Host, Doug Stephan www/ begins with Agriculture news concerning replacing Farm Workers with Robots. Next, we meet equine intuitive counselor, nutritional consultant and author Esta Bernstein. She grew up in the racing industry and has over 45years of equine experience. As the author of Changing Horses the book, and producer of Changing Horses the film, Esta embodies the knowledge of why horses are here, and embraces the teachings of horses. During her journey of the horse consciousness, and the unfolding of the horse's message, people on the same path started to come into the world of her Saffyre Sanctuary. Finally, Farmer Doug gets his chance to opine about his belief that it's time for the producers to have a say in the pricing of milk.


 2020-10-02  37m