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Indie Night In - 30/3/2016

Emma joined us to talk about the TOMA project and pick some tunes, you can read about it here

The Wombats – Moving To New York Misty Dixon - Love Is Like a Butterfly  The Clash - Rock the Casbah Iggy Pop - Break Into Your Heart Lifetones – Decide Wire - Internal Exile David Bowie - White Light/White Heat Sound of Ceres - Dagger only Run (Remote Observer Remix) Underworld - If Rah The Chills - Pink Frost Milky Wimpshake - I Wanna Be Seen In Public With You Mogwai – Tzar Nick Cave – The Hammer Song Stone Roses – Waterfall Pulp - Common People David Bowie - Andy Warhol Modern Lovers - Pablo Picasso Iggy Pop – Paraguay Pixies – Debaser Dandy Warhols – Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth Velvet Underground - Rock & Roll The Dirty Filthy Mud - The Forest In Black Aphex Twin - Fingerbib Lifetones - Distance No Object Manitoba - Dundas, Ontario (remix) F.S.Blumm & Nils Frahm - Day One One


 2016-03-30  2h2m