Murder, scams, abuse, missing persons, cold cases and lesser known cases. Crimeatorium covers all of it, world wide. Madeline is fascinated with true crime and takes a deep dive into each case. Join us, in the place where crime resides.


episode 8: Bonus Minisode - A Psychic, a Secret and a Skeleton

The following tale is a two fold mystery of sorts. It’s certainly a who dunnit and more interestingly, It’s the mystery of what it is that is hardwired into our souls, our dna, our being, that compels us to push ourselves to uncover the truths about those closest to us, our family. Unfortunately, This story doesn’t answer any of those questions, that’s what makes it a mystery. In the end, you will be left more curious and hankering for an explanation.


 2020-10-04  9m